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Veterans Day Message from Tulsi

Aloha Kris,

We all saw the news this year: Veterans in Hawai'i and across the nation waiting months and even years to get their first appointment with a doctor.

Hawai'i is home to more than 116,000 veterans - and across the country, we have seen amongst the longest waiting periods and highest numbers of backlogs for vets seeking care.
It's unacceptable, and it must change.

5 Questions with Tulsi

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard took a quick break from the campaign trail recently to chat with Being808 about how she stays healthy.

Gabbard, who is running for re-election to represent Hawaii’s second congressional district, told us she likes to mix up her workouts to keep them interesting and always tries to make time for surfing when she’s in the islands.

What does your go-to workout entail?

Tulsi Gabbard: ISIS strategy has to be smart

CNN's Jim Sciutto speaks with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard about the U.S. strategy to defeat ISIS in Syria.

We did it!


We understand how important our veterans are. Our nation's sons and daughters who stepped forward to serve our country deserve better. They deserve a VA that puts their care and well-being first, before all else. Recent stories have shown how, for far too long, veterans in Hawai'i and across the nation have been waiting months and even years to get their first appointment with a doctor. This is unacceptable, by any standard.

Tell Congress: End Too Big To Fail!


"Too big to fail" banks are even bigger now than ever before. In fact, the five banks that our government decided were too important to fail in 2008 are now 25% larger.

In essence, those risky "too big to fail" investments are even bigger now.

For decades, the Glass-Steagall Act separated risky investment banking from the ordinary banking of everyday Americans. But it was repealed in the late 90's, and now when banks' risky gambles don't pay off, working Americans foot the bill.

The Internet is for everyone

Aloha friends,

The Internet has empowered innovators and enabled advances like we've never seen before. It has leveled the playing field, providing information and opening doors of opportunity to all.

But the Federal Communications Commission wants to set up an Internet fast lane for the highest bidders, and a slow lane for the rest of us. This kind of proposal will disproportionately negatively affect our country's best innovators - who have benefitted most from the empowering principle that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally.

Makers Profile: Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard talks about growing up a shy girl, running for office, serving in an Iraq combat zone, and her mission to serve Hawaii.

Tulsi's Biography

Fun fact At 21, Gabbard was the youngest person elected to Hawaii's state legislature.

Pursuit of happiness

Happy 4th of July!

As we celebrate Independence Day, I hope you'll join me in honoring my fellow veterans and servicemembers - those who've earned and continue to defend our independence and freedom every day.

It's their service and sacrifice to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that we are so grateful for today, and every day.