Equality Hawaii Action Fund

"We applaud Gabbard's evolution on issues of equality in our state - this is an evolution that many have had over the past decade, and one which many will continue to have in the months and years to come. We believe in Gabbard's commitment to our community, and to helping heal and move our state forward on issues of marriage equality."

- Equality Hawaii Action Fund, Board of Directors

VETPAC Endorses Tulsi Gabbard

The Veterans' Alliance for Security and Democracy (or VETPAC, www.vetpac.org) is proud to endorse Tulsi Gabbard in Hawaii's 2nd Congressional district against a field of three competitors in the state's Democratic primary election on August 11th. VETPAC was drawn to Tulsi thanks to her selfless national service during multiple military deployments to the Middle East and her focus on veterans issues. We're confident that Tulsi's experience fighting for her country will give her excellent perspective to make the right choices in Congress.

"VETPAC is excited to endorse such a dynamic servant to our country," said VETPAC board member Jan Donatelli, "The United States of America needs more Tulsi Gabbards in Congress-- veterans who are attentive to their districts and who understand that our country needs to come together in this divisive time."

Sierra Club

"Tulsi's strong environmental record, including helping pass tough laws regulating greenhouse gases and being an outspoken advocate for renewable energy, distinguished her from the other candidates for this office. We're excited about the type of leadership she can bring to environmental issues."

- Steve Montgomery, Ph.D., Political Co-Chair of the Hawaii Chapter of the Sierra Club.

EMILY’s List

"A member of the Honolulu City Council, Tulsi promoted progressive environmental policies -- not to mention as an Iraq war veteran, Tulsi brings an important perspective to Washington. ... Voters are eager for leadership in Washington that works on behalf of working families... EMILY's List is thrilled to support [her] campaign."

- Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY's List.


"Tulsi is really one to watch, this year and beyond. From serving on the city council to the State House of Representatives, to serving Senator Akaka, to volunteering to deploy to Iraq, time and time again, Tulsi has stood up to serve, and has done so with honor and integrity.  She is an extraordinary woman who will make an extraordinary Member of Congress.  We're very proud to endorse her."

Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of VoteVets.org


"WUFPAC is proud to support Tulsi Gabbard. By the age of 30, she has already been elected twice, and served in active duty in Iraq. She has spent her life working to help strengthen her community and the world. I can't think of a better role model for young women thinking about running for office! We are excited to support her candidacy for Congress."

- Katie Vlietstra, President of Women Under Forty PAC.

IBEW (Local 1186)

"Tulsi Gabbard is the clear choice for building the future of Hawai'i. We need leaders who will put Hawai'i first, and fight to create good jobs here in Hawai'i. Talking to her, you know that she has integrity, she means what she says, and will get the job done. It's refreshing. Working families deserve a leader like Tulsi."

- Damien Kim, Business Manager and Financial Secretary of IBEW Local 1186.