Paul D. Michaels M.D.

I admire Tulsi, her story is inspiring,I have a special connection with Hawaii (just like Tulsi I served in the U.S.Army as a physician and was stationed at Tripler Hospital 1977-1982, I am retied and live in California.I hope Tulsi political career takes her to higher places such as the US Senate or higher.I will follow your political career and admire your love and respect for the Military.

Liz Heiman Zagorodney

Tulsi has the kind of courage and determination we need in Congress today. She can make sure the Tea Party Republicans know that you don't build an economy by tearing down women.  As a veteran who has put her life on the line for us, Tulsi can stand toe-to-toe with these guys and not back down. Yes,Tulsi will need to reach across party lines and work with Republicans, after she stands up and shows them what she is made of.

I am proud to support Tulsi for Congress. Tulsi is smart! She asks questions, she listens, and she successfully incorporates new information into her policy platforms. She answers questions with integrity, sharing her convictions, and asking for information to help shape policy. She is not too proud to say she doesn't know, and accepts that new information or changing situations mean changes in policy positions. She answers questions directly and honestly. She does not play the age-old political game of answering another question instead of dealing with something difficult. 'Tackle it head on' seems to be her approach. It's refreshing.

I support Tulsi for Congress!

Kirsten Gillibrand

"Tulsi Gabbard knows what it means to serve. After joining the Hawaii House of Representatives at age 21, Tulsi volunteered for deployment to Iraq where she helped train the all-male Kuwait National Guard. Upon returning, she worked for my friend and colleague, Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI), before taking a second tour in the Middle East. This is a great opportunity to help send a progressive Democratic woman to the House to fight for our shared values. Tulsi is a strong independent voice who won't back down from the biggest issues. She's the kind of leader who can make a real difference in Congress."

Kirsten Gillibrand

US Senator


Kelvin Char

I'm a born, bred and Hawaii educated local who has always been a bit skeptical and less than impressed by folks who ask for my trust and vote. In part, this is because I spent many years working in D.C. in contact with Members of Congress and committee staffers. It's a foreign culture quite frankly, and a place where aloha is simply a word. I can only recall being comfortable with Cec Heftel and Dan Akaka, both extremely committed and honorable gentlemen. In Tulsi, I think that I've finally found another real person who I can trust to do the pono thing in the congress. For a person with only slight name recognition,Tulsi has put together a team and campaign message that is spot-on as it is well organized. If she can translate this when she goes to Washington and preserve the island way of treating others while acquiring the needed survival skills to succeed on the Hill, then all of Hawaii's people will be well represented in the congress.

I hold her in high regard for putting on the uniform. I'm a Vietnam vet and have asked my brothers to step up and support one of "us."

Tulsi, I realize that sometimes folks get disturbed when candidates don't "pay their dues" by starting at the top; but, in your case, I'm sorry that you're not running for the senate. Maybe next time?

Dave and Kathy O'Neal

While other politicians watched medical waste flow into the ocean, Tulsi was out there picking it up. That made a huge impression on us, as Tulsi showed us that she walks the walk rather than just talking and placing blame. Hearing Tulsi speak is inspiring. We look forward to congratulating Tulsi when she becomes our next Congresswoman!

Sheila Okin

Today is the first day for walk-in voting and  the primary election is just around the corner. If you are undecided about who to support for the Second Congressional District, I urge you to consider TULSI GABBARD. I am supporting her because we need a representative with the INTEGRITY of Daniel Akaka, the FIRE of Patsy Mink, and the DEDICATION TO SERVICE of Mazie Hirono.  
I am confident that TULSI CAN DO THIS!