Campaign Finance Reform

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is committed to taking big money superpacs out of politics, and empowering the people.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is committed to campaign finance reform, taking big money superpacs out of politics, and empowering the people and their voices in our democracy.
In Congress, Tulsi has co-sponsored legislation like H.R.20, the Government By the People Act, which would give every citizen a voucher worth up to $50 through a "My Voice Tax Credit" for campaign contributions in $5 increments.  It also aims to make small donations as influential as large donations by matching any donation on a six-to-one level through the establishment of a Freedom From Influence Fund. For example, if someone gets 30 friends to pledge $50 each, that's $1,500.  Then when you put in the 6-to-1 matching contribution multiplier, that's an additional $9,000, bringing the total up to $10,500.
In Congress, Tulsi will:

  • Fight to establish a system to provide public funds that will amplify small donations to federal candidates who agree to lower contribution limits
  • Work to reduce barriers to the ballot box and increase turnout 
  • Support meaningful contribution limits so a wealthy few cannot use their economic power to shut out ordinary citizens
  • Work to strengthen disclosure requirements for outside groups
  • Urge the Federal Election Commission to create secret money regulations responsive to the Citizens United decision
  • Urge the Securities and Exchange Commission to require public corporations to disclose their political spending
  • Urge the Federal Communications Commission to require advertisers to disclose their "true identity"
  • Urge the Internal Revenue Service to more clearly define political activity so organizations cannot abuse the system to keep their donors secret
  • Support creating a new enforcement agency with real power to hold campaign violators accountable
  • Support a constitutional amendment restoring our ability to set common-sense rules that stop big money's influence on our government and empower the people to fully participate and have their voices heard
  • Work to pass legislation to shut down individual-candidate super PACs and strengthen rules that prohibit coordination between candidates and outside spending groups