We will win Medicare for All

I'm glad to see the mounting support in the Senate for Senator Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All legislation, to include our two Senators from Hawai'i, Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz, along with thirteen others. The last time Bernie Sanders introduced Medicare for All in the Senate, there were zero original cosponsors.

As you may know, I'm a cosponsor of HR 676, the Medicare for All bill in the House, and like the one Senator Sanders is introducing today in the Senate, our bill has more support than at any time in history. Despite the smears and false advertising of the pharmaceutical and insurance industries and their benefactors on Wall Street, the American people see the urgent need to extend healthcare to all. 28 million people went without any kind of protection last year--the time to act is now.

Our campaign does not accept any PAC money, which makes your support the most important factor in fighting back against the establishment's attacks as we push Medicare for All forward. 

Medicare has ensured our kupuna in Hawai'i and seniors across the country receive quality medical care at an affordable cost. That kind of care should be extended to people of all ages, which is exactly what Senator Sanders' bill and HR 676 will do. We can remove the barrier of insurance bureaucracies from coming between our families and our medical providers, saving the average family thousands of dollars per year while making healthcare more accessible to all communities, from urban centers to rural areas like the ones across my district.

With your support, our campaign can counter the PAC money and insurance and pharmaceutical companies' attacks to reach even more people, demonstrating the benefits of our Medicare for All legislation. Every person deserves to receive the highest quality of care, and our country has the ability to provide it. Make a $5 contribution to our campaign, and together we will move our Medicare for All legislation forward.

Today is a momentous day. Mahalo for your generosity and support for this vital effort.


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