The debate over investments in clean energy versus investments in the fossil fuel industry is one of practicality. Subsidizing coal, oil, and natural gas is counterproductive - we know that these are finite resources. We also know that these fossil fuels pollute our environment with carbon, toxic coal ash, and oil spills that seep into our earth and water systems. Wind, solar, and other forms of clean energy do not carry these risks, nor are their industries restricted to areas with the available natural resources. The sun shines and the wind blows across every corner of this country, and we can harness that energy to create new jobs in every community.

The OFF Act will end the subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, and instead allocate those funds to help train and transition workers out of the fossil fuel economy and into a clean energy economy. The scientists are telling us that we need to be proactive in this transition - with the OFF Act, we can achieve 100% clean energy by 2035.

Below is an article from Food and Water Watch on this topic.

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Republican Tax Cuts Could Be Paved with Fossil Fuel Giveaways

Friday was a busy day for the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress giving handouts to their friends in the fossil fuel industry. Two separate policy announcements would give new subsidies to coal power plants (as well as risky nuclear plants) and would make it easier to open the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge - all this despite the growing awareness that climate change is already here and making live more perilous for millions of our fellow citizens.

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