Messages of Aloha

Perhaps we could try something different



After a tragedy, it seems natural to want to assign blame and point fingers. Perhaps we could try something different this time, Instead of regarding one another with suspicion and contempt, let's take a very short look back to a time before this country became polarized. Many young people are growing up in Red or Blue states thinking it has always been this way, it hasn't, the color-coded states idea is only about 20 years old. Looking a little further back, how much difference was there between Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy? So just a little recent history tells us that the current predicament we find ourselves in is not some historical phenomenon etched in stone to be carried out generation after generation, If we allow ourselves to be manipulated into taking a divisive stand against our fellow citizens we will find ourselves promoting an agenda that will not benefit our families, our neighbors or our country at large. So maybe it's not too late to look back to a time before Red and Blue states, to a time of less animosity and more optimism. No one can do this alone, it will take all of us working for one goal, all in one direction, mutual success.