Messages of Aloha

I dream of Dr. King's vision becoming our reality



When I was in first grade, I was inspired by a reading assignment about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was moved by his methods of nonviolence to bring about positive change. Later I would learn about others who moved me. Jackie Robinson, Bruce Lee, and so many others that fought the color of their outer self to show the beauty and strength of their inner self.

I find it frustrating in our modern world that people are still using skin color as a division point, some even trying to set back gains for equality that some people literally died to create. Not just those of "privilege" but minorities who seek to absent themselves from society because they don't feel "safe". I know the people who inspired me as a child did not worry about safety, but more about helping their fellow man. How can we say we honor these pioneers of equality if we throw away their gains? Until we embrace the concept of judging people by the content of their character, rather than the color of the vessel of their soul, we will not progress as humans. I have raised my sons that all humanity in its varied facets is a beautiful thing. The media needs to stop inciting divisive negativity and instead celebrate those who reach past their comfort zone to include others. The main political parties need to pull away from their extreme agendas and actually serving the varied need of their constituency.

If a little caucasian child can be inspired by reading about a brave black civil rights leader or a Chinese martial arts expert, why can't everyone? Why can we not all celebrate each other's differences rather than use them to divide and weaken us all?

I dream of the vision Dr. King becoming our reality. That would be my aloha.