Access to contraceptives goes far beyond preventing pregnancy. For many women, contraceptives have critical health benefits. The decision to roll back the insurer mandate covering birth control without co-pay will make these benefits unavailable to many women due to the prohibitive cost.

Too often, men attempt to regulate women's bodies without our input on the issue of women's health in general and contraception in particular. While we must respect the concerns of religious institutions, it is time that women are given an equal voice in determining our health care options. I wrote about this very issue during my first campaign for Congress - the article is below.

Stopping the Attack on Women's Rights

In 2004 when close to 3,000 of my fellow soldiers with the Hawai'i Army National Guard were activated for duty in Iraq, I left my seat in the state legislature and volunteered to deploy with them. We deployed together to the Middle East a second time in 2008.

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