Tulsi Gabbard's reformative environmental legislation, the Off Fossil Fuels (OFF) for a Better Future Act, places special emphasis on addressing disadvantaged communities--people who live near polluting facilities and are most impacted by industrial polluters.

These communities are exposed to the destructive effects of the United States' addiction to fossil fuels, suffering from respiratory and heart disease, cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, and numerous other health consequences.

The OFF Act (HR 3671) will help protect these communities and prevent the development of polluter facilities like fracking or drilling sites. Tulsi Gabbard's bill will quicken the addition of green collar jobs that pay family-sustaining wages, provide health care, and include retirement benefits.

Recognizing workers' rights to organize, the OFF Act seeks to ensure workers have a voice and their benefits will be protected throughout the transition to new employment. Tulsi Gabbard's bill also supports workers through vocational educational programs, opportunities to network, and addresses the need for infrastructure that attracts investors and provides jobs.

The OFF Act is a testament to Tulsi Gabbard's commitment to ending the destructive consequences of our country's fossil fuel dependency. Hawai`i is already leading the nation by setting a goal of being powered by 100% renewable energy by 2045, and the Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act takes this challenge to the next level for our nation. Tulsi Gabbard's bill is a critical step in the fight to combat the climate change crisis that our country continues to face, and takes us on a path towards a better, stronger future for the American people.

Rep Tulsi Gabbard's OFF Act is a Game Changer - Here's Why

Last Friday, Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) introduced the Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act (OFF Act). This visionary bill comes as the nation bears witness to the devastation brought by the climate change-super charged storm Harvey to Texas and Louisiana and braces for Irma's impacts.