Messages of Aloha

It is about caring about this country and all of its citizens


New York

I don't know if this is what you are looking for but the very first thing that came to my mind when I heard about the shooting yesterday was: Was my Republican Congressman John Faso OK???Although I was very, very sad to hear that others had been injured, I felt a great sense of relief that Congressman Faso was OK. Even though we differ on a lot of political issues and I have protested often in front of his Congressional Office in regard to his stand on the House Healthcare Act, Environmental and other issues, he is first and foremost a member of my community.

Even though I don't know him really well personally, we both reside in the same town. We attend the same church. I am brought to the verge of tears even thinking about if he had been one of the victims in yesterday's incident. Just because you disagree with someone politically does not mean that you hate them whether they be the President, a congressional representative or whomever. I don't know where this thinking is coming from but it is very disturbing??? Does this mean I will stop making my voice heard if I disagree with Congressman Faso's stand on a particular bill? Absolutely not! That is what democracy is about!

His local Congressional office staff sees us there every week. They have gotten to know us. We talk about the weather, upcoming community events etc. in addition to when upcoming congressional votes on certain bills are expected to occur etc. His staff would actually probably start worrying about me and my fellow protestors if we never again called or showed up to protest or never again came into the office to fill out another form to express our views about the Congressman's stand on certain issues or bills ( both positive and negative).

It makes me sad when I hear that some people think that protesting or disagreeing with political views is about hatred when for me and I think most if not all of my fellow protestors, it is just the opposite. It is about caring about this country and all of its citizens very, very much. I know in my heart that Congressman Faso understands this. (If you know Congressman Faso and you see him in the House, maybe you can let him know that I am very, very grateful that he is OK! And I am very grateful that you are OK, too Congresswoman Gabbard!)