Messages of Aloha

There is no other way



I grew up in France, my mother and grandmother had left Nazi Germany for political reasons. There was war, I was 5 years old when it started. I knew fear, violence, and cruelty. I knew what was the Holocaust at 5, having friends that disappeared all of a sudden. I wore the yellow star with them because I thought it was pretty. My mother agreed. Never knew the difference between Jews and Christians. I still don't know at 82. Division and hatred will never win, it does exist, but I trust that with Aloha in our hearts we can overcome this plague. I saw my first American on 25 August 1944. (Paris Liberation day). He was like a God and from then on no American could do anything wrong. Let us hope that we come to our senses soon but hope is not enough, we MUST care for each other. There is NO other way.

ALOHA from the bottom of my heart.