By all indications, Iran is complying with the terms of the nuclear deal, and they should be certified as such. Walking away from this deal as the Trump administration has indicated would have far-reaching negative implications. Iran restarting their nuclear program poses an immediate threat to the United States and would cause a ripple effect of nuclear proliferation across the region, inflaming tensions and making the situation more dangerous. Our diplomatic efforts to reach a negotiated resolution with North Korea would be completely undermined because they will see that the United States does not uphold its agreements. We would be breaking faith with the countries who joined us at the negotiating table to reach the Iran deal.

Diplomacy is not easy, and negotiation does not mean that one side gets everything while the other gets nothing. Reaching the Iran deal was the best possible outcome under the circumstances, and compliance on all sides must be honored for the United States to demonstrate its integrity for negotiations with North Korea and other nations in the future. Despite the Trump administration's intentions, Congress will have the final say in this matter and must vote against reimposing sanctions against Iran.

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