A congressional resolution that shines light on lessons learned from the Armenian Genocide has garnered one hundred cosponsors, including Hawai`i Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a member of the Congressional Armenian Caucus who recently visited Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic seeking to strengthen US-Armenian relations.

In September, along with a bipartisan group of congressional colleagues, Tulsi Gabbard saw firsthand the challenges and opportunities that exist within Armenia and the region, met with President Sargsyan, Prime Minister Karapetyan, distinguished members of the Ministry, representatives from Armenia's National Assembly, Americans of Armenian ancestry, members of the Artsakh Parliament, and a wide range of business, academic, and community leaders to identify areas of mutual interest and cooperation to strengthen the security, economic, and cultural relationships that bind our countries. Tulsi also toured historic, cultural, and religious sites, such as the "We Are Our Mountains" monument north of the capital city of Artsakh, Stepanakert.

H. Res. 220 states that "lessons of past genocides should be applied to help prevent future war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide" and points to its history of providing relief to survivors of the Ottoman Empire's genocidal campaign. In 2009, Hawai`i became the 42nd of 47 states that have officially recognized the Armenian Genocide.

In a statement released on September 27th, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard called the United States' lack of formal recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide "unconscionable" and emphasized the need for diplomatic resolution to the ongoing conflict of the Republic's independence.

In her address to the Artsakh Parliament, Tulsi Gabbard expressed her deep gratitude for the aloha shown by the Armenian people during her trip and her admiration of their resilience, showing strength and courage despite daily threats to their existence and future, and the immense suffering that occurred during the Armenian genocide a hundred years ago. The congresswoman also spoke of her work to identify areas of key interest in the bolstering of the relationship between the US and Armenia, which included national and regional security, humanitarian aid for refugees, and economic opportunities.

Through the work that Tulsi Gabbard has put into nurturing the United States' relations with Armenia, the essence of aloha continues to be the cornerstone of her approach to diplomacy. Passing House Resolution 220 is a critical piece of legislation in her multi-faceted approach to achieving peace, improving our relationships with other countries, fostering economic opportunities for the future, and sharing the aloha spirit with people around the world.

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