Messages of Aloha

My Friend Bill



My friend, Bill, got in a fight with the school bully. He got shoved, fell and broke his neck. His family helped him work through being paralyzed, and he continued to attend school, college, and law school. Bill chose to help women who had been victims of domestic violence, to help them get divorced from their abusers. He also started several community organizations that helped house, feed and transport people.

Bill ran for city council and became a leader on city sustainability efforts and environmental protection. He worked to divert development from strip malls on the edge of town to the core downtown retail district, an effort that has resulted in a thriving business district. Bill worked through the transportation organization that he helped set up to get a federal grant for revitalization. By bringing together diverse interests he was able to leverage the grant into a major downtown redevelopment plan that brought hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment and turned our downtown into a model for surrounding cities.

Bill died from kidney failure, at home, with his family, but his legacy lives on in a successful food co-op, a successful housing co-op, a busy bus transportation hub, and a sustainability commission for the city. I would love to tell you more about it. Thanks!