KGMB Honoring Filipino WWII Veterans with Congessional Gold Medal

October 25, 2017 -- Today, Filipino veterans who served during World War II were honored at our nation's capitol. They were given the Congressional Gold Medal, which is the highest honor for civilians. Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard were instrumental in getting a bill passsd to honor these veterans. 

Tulsi Gabbard deliverd remarks to recognize the service and sacrifice of Filipino veterans at today's ceremony:

"These loyal and courageous soldiers fought bravely, sacrificed greatly, and many even paid the ultimate price alongside our American troops. Yet, for far too long, their service and sacrifice has gone unrecognized in the United States. I'm honored and proud that we can be here today to finally right this wrong."

More than a quarter million Filipino and Filipino-Americans fought for the United States and the Philippines during World War II.