Messages of Aloha

My Dad



He was driving home from work. On this particular day, he saw a young trying to hitch a ride. The man was thin and did not look healthy. He stopped and offered him a ride. As they rode he asked the stranger where he was heading and it turned out to be an address not far from his own home. He said he could drive the man right to the address.

Then he asked why that address? Did he live there? The man said no. His sister lived there and he had a suicide note in his hand he was delivering.

As they drove the conversation focused on hope for the future. The driver offered to take him to his own house, give food and shelter and time to think things through. You see, the hitchhiker was a long time heroin addict that had given up on life.

As the hitchhiker slowly regained his strength he also slowly regained a purpose. He no longer wished to kill himself and became convinced through conversations and guided readings that he could start a new life and with help make it worthwhile.

That hitchhiker did go on and get married and found employment and make a good life.

That driver was my Dad.