Tulsi Gabbard: We Must Act Now to Take Back Our Party

We just heard from Donna Brazile today about how the DNC had already chosen its nominee over a year before the primary election had even occurred. After my call for more primary debates was summarily dismissed, I was disinvited from the first debate. I resigned as DNC Vice Chair shortly after in order to endorse Bernie Sanders. I stepped down because, unlike some, I believed in upholding the integrity and unbiased approach that is supposed to exist within the DNC. Clearly, some in the DNC thought otherwise.

Our campaign finance laws are broken and have only served to weaken individual candidates, while empowering political parties and special interests. These laws essentially allowed the Clinton campaign to bypass individual campaign contribution limits by funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars through the DNC and State parties, taking control of the DNC in the process.

Along with the recent purge of Sanders and Ellison supporters from the DNC's Executive Committee, today's news is further evidence of a party and a campaign finance system that needs to be completely overhauled and reformed. The only way this happens is if we, the people, bring this change about. There is nothing more important to making this change than your voice. The DNC needs real reforms that empower the people, and take our party back from the special interests of a powerful few.

We must ensure open primaries or same-day registration to encourage more involvement in our democracy. The DNC must get rid of the undemocratic system of superdelegates, who have the power to swing an election, making up one-third of the votes any candidate needs to secure the nomination. In short, we need to break the influence and control that a few special interests and party insiders have consolidated, and instead empower the voices of the people.

No more games. No more retaliation. No more picking winners and losers. We must act now to take back our party--a party that belongs to the people--and fight for a new path forward that is open, transparent, accountable, inclusive, and that actually strengthens our democracy.

Reform the Democratic National Committee

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