Tulsi Gabbard on Net Neutrality

Federal Communications Commission Chair and former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai just announced his plan to dismantle net neutrality. He will give even more power to corporate internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon while raising costs for average consumers. This goes against the mission of the FCC, a government entity that is obligated to serve the public interest. Pai's decision serves private interests and is opposed by virtually all Americans. We must do everything that we can to keep net neutrality the way that it is.

Millions of Americans support net neutrality. It keeps a level playing field for all who use the internet, making it possible for entrepreneurs, independent journalists, and other content creators to connect with their audience. Without net neutrality, ISPs will be able to throttle internet speeds, block content behind paywalls, and unfairly favor some content over others. In short, it takes the freedom of the internet and breaks it up into segments, nickel and diming consumers for the same content we're able to access for far cheaper right now.

We should be discussing how to expand internet access to more people, not restrict it to those who can afford to pay more. The internet is vital to equal opportunities in education, entrepreneurship, job searching, and even keeping a job once you've been hired. Many of the people living in my district, in rural communities, those on Native American reservations, and in low-income areas across the country do not have high-speed internet. It is our job to ensure that everyone has the access and connectivity they need to thrive in our 21st-century economy. Expanding internet access helps our economy grow, leads to a public that is better informed and educated, and puts us on the fast track to technological innovations that can make life better for everyone.

Help lead the struggle to maintain net neutrality and keep the predatory practices of ISPs at bay. Sign our petition telling the FCC to vote down Ajit Pai's plan. We will not accept another handout to corporate ISPs while we foot the bill.

The FCC is trying to roll back net neutrality.

Join Tulsi and stand in opposition to the FCC’s decision to get rid of net neutrality. The FCC is a government entity obligated to the serve the public interest - however, their decision to repeal net neutrality serves corporate interests, and must be stopped. Add your name if you agree.