Tulsi Gabbard on the FCC Vote to Repeal Net Neutrality


The FCC just rolled back net neutrality on a party-line vote. After tens of millions of Americans spoke out in favor of protecting net neutrality, Republicans on the Commission just decided to ignore them. The corporate influence over our politics couldn't be any clearer.

Our democracy is supposed to be responsive and accountable to the will of the people, but with money in politics, the system is corrupted. Rather than listening to constituents, too many people in positions of power take directives from the entities supplying their campaign cash or providing them jobs in the revolving door of lobbyists and politicians. This is called corruption. Now Congress must fix what the FCC just did.

Make your voice heard right now by joining my call for Congress and the courts to serve the public interest and uphold net neutrality. This is about our freedom of speech and freedom of information. We must ensure a fair and open internet for all.

Let's be very clear about what today's FCC vote seeks to accomplish. Ajit Pai, a former Verizon corporate lawyer and the current FCC Chair, has led a campaign to enrich the telecom giants and corporate internet providers with Americans' hard-earned money. There is virtually no popular constituency that called for the repeal of net neutrality. The people could not have been more clear about where we stand.

We need to get money out of politics, stop allowing corporations to influence public policy, and work to save net neutrality while expanding internet access to those who currently lack it. Everyone, regardless of their background, should be entitled to the freedom of speech and information available through an internet connection.

Add your name to our petition calling on Congress and the courts to protect net neutrality from being rolled back.

We must take action now while the public focus is on net neutrality. This is our best chance to reverse this rule and get back to serving people before profits.


Congress and the courts must protect net neutrality.

The FCC is a government entity obligated to the serve the public interest. The tens of millions of Americans who took action in support of net neutrality must be heard. Add your name to our petition to Congress and the courts to protect net neutrality.