Recently Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that the United States should engage in direct talks with North Korea, without preconditions. But then the White House undercut and contradicted his statement, and now Tillerson is backtracking.

In order to have any hope of avoiding catastrophic war, and ultimately denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, we must negotiate directly with North Korea without preconditions. We must show our support for peace, not warmongering and violent rhetoric. We cannot make progress on a plan to de-escalate and ultimately denuclearize the Korean Peninsula without first bringing them to the table.

President Trump is showing the same poor judgment and short-sightedness that we have seen over decades and that got us into this position, where the people of Hawai'i and our country are faced with a very real threat of a nuclear attack. Earlier this month, nuclear warning sirens wailed across Hawai'i, beginning monthly tests for the first time since the height of the Cold War. The people of my home state are being told that in the event of an attack, they have 10 minutes to "get inside" and seek cover.

President Trump's "tough talk" reinforces Kim Jong-un's belief that nuclear weapons are the only deterrent against being the next target of our counterproductive regime change policies that have thrust Iraq, Libya, Syria, and many other countries into chaos, death, and destruction.

Direct negotiation without preconditions is the best way forward to resolve the nuclear crisis with North Korea. Join my by adding your name to our petition calling on the Administration to bring North Korea to the table.

The nuclear crisis continues to worsen due to the poor decision-making of both Democratic and Republican administrations of the past, and now the rhetoric and refusal to negotiate coming from President Trump. It is time we implement a new vision for a foreign policy that moves away from regime change wars and moves us forward on a path towards peace. Mahalo for joining me in this effort.


Diplomacy Can Prevent War with North Korea.

The present conflict with North Korea can be attributed to failures of leadership on the part of both Democrat and Republican administrations over the past forty years. We must pursue serious diplomacy in order to remove the threat of nuclear war. For that effort to be successful two things need to happen: 1) We negotiate directly with North Korea and Kim Jong Un; and 2) We understand how our regime change policies motivate North Korean nuclear proliferation as a deterrent to our aggression. Sign our petition calling for diplomatic engagement with the regime to resolve the present conflict peacefully and help kickstart a national conversation about our foreign policy.