The Internet is for everyone

Aloha friends,

The Internet has empowered innovators and enabled advances like we've never seen before. It has leveled the playing field, providing information and opening doors of opportunity to all.

But the Federal Communications Commission wants to set up an Internet fast lane for the highest bidders, and a slow lane for the rest of us. This kind of proposal will disproportionately negatively affect our country's best innovators - who have benefitted most from the empowering principle that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally.

We can protect net neutrality - but we have to call on Congress to stand with me. Click here to sign the petition.

As a country, we cannot afford to put our best innovators in the slow lane. That's why I'm co-sponsoring the Online Competition and Consumer Choice Act - blocking the FCC from setting up an Internet tollbooth.

We cannot allow the FCC to establish a system in which information flows to those with the most money. We need to support the innovators that fuel our economy and move this country forward.

Will you add your name to the growing list of Americans urging Congress to support net neutrality?

Click here to tell Congress to take action and defend net neutrality.

Mahalo for your support,