Tulsi Gabbard's Foreign Affairs Experience

Congresswoman Gabbard has more foreign affairs experience and understanding than most others who are twice her age. 

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is exceptionally well-travelled and connected, with great depth on current foreign affairs issues in every region of the world. 

As a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Armed Services Committee, Tulsi receives weekly classified and unclassified briefings on issues in every region of the world.  

Tulsi has developed a friendship with Prime Minister Modi of India, having spent two weeks in India at PM Modi's invitation, spending her time meeting and engaging in in-depth discussions with numerous key leaders there, including Prime Minister Modi, as well as leaders in business, technology, innovation, education, and humanitarian work. When Prime Minister Modi visited the U.S., he made time to visit one-on-one with Tulsi. 

Tulsi meets with the Prime Minister of India 

She has traveled across Asia - met with Prime Minister Abe in Japan, President Park in the Republic of Korea, and China's Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing.  With each of these leaders she discussed in detail the threat of a nuclear North Korea - a threat she knows all to well as Hawaii lies within range of North Korea's missiles.  She continues to work toward ensuring Hawaii and the US are protected through a robust ballistic missile defense program. She also discussed trade, economic and geopolitical issues to include our mutual interest in maintaining stability in the Asia-Pacific region.  She spent years in the Philippines as a child, learning to speak their native tongue Tagalog.  She has deployed to Japan and Indonesia on cooperative military-to-military training missions with the Hawaii National Guard. 

Tulsi meets with South Korean President Park Geun-hye

She visited Paris days after the recent terror attack and met with government leaders to discuss cooperation in fighting terrorism.  She has spent time throughout eastern and western Europe, visiting Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Norway, the UK, and other countries.  She spent time in Crimea before Russia's takeover, at Chernobyl to visit the nuclear energy disaster that occurred, and to Auschwitz to pay homage to the victims of the holocaust. 

She has obviously spent a significant amount of time in the Middle East as a soldier, in both Iraq and Kuwait.  She has visited with the President and Prime Minister of the Kurdish Regional Government, and the Prime Minister of Iraq, discussing the need to provide direct support to the Kurdish peshmerga in their fight against ISIS.  She has spent time in Israel, visiting the Syrian border, and meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu and the recently passed Shimon Peres.  She visited Egypt and spent nearly 2 hours meeting with President al-Sisi commending his leadership on battling against the radical Islamic ideology that is fueling terror groups like ISIS.  She visited Turkey, and the border town of Gaziantep where she visited an urban Syrian refugee center.  She visited Jordan and met with King Abdullah who has been a reliable partner in the fight against ISIS.  She has met with the Saudi Ambassador in Washington, DC and questioned him directly on his country's support for the spread of radical Wahabbi ideology through madrassas and Imams around the world. 

Tulsi meets with Japan's Prime Minister Abe

Tulsi's husband is part-Maori from New Zealand, and she has spent significant amount of time there, in Australia, and in islands across the Pacific like Samoa.

In short, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is exceptionally well-travelled and connected, with great depth on current foreign affairs issues in every region of the world.